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Yard Grading in Indianapolis

Yard Grading in Indianapolis – The Benefits and Consequences

Yard grading is a term some people may not be familiar with. It is also known as landscape grading. Yard grading in Indianapolis is for more than just aesthetic purposes. It not only makes your yard look nicer but can help prevent problems later on.

What is Yard Grading?

Yard grading, or landscape grading, is leveling out a yard. It is done to assist with drainage, so the yard doesn’t end up looking like a swamp after a heavy rain. It also ensures water runs away from your home, so the risk of flooding in the basement and structure damage is minimal. This is usually done with rakes, shovels, and other digging tools but loads of topsoil can also help level out a yard. While it is possible to do the work yourself, it’s important to remember a few things. You’ll need to mark utility lines and pipes and depending on your county, obtain a digging permit. You’ll also need to learn how to reach the appropriate grade for the area you are grading. This job may be best left to professionals to ensure maximum drainage.

Benefits of Yard Grading in Indianapolis

Proper drainage achieved by yard grading can assist with leading water away from your home. If your yard slants towards your home, it is at risk for structure damage during periods of heavy rainfall. Water can build up by your house if it’s not led away properly. This can lead to cracks in the foundation, which can result in mold and mildew build up. Fixing these issues is costly so preventing them is ideal.

Yard grading can also help proper plant and lawn growth. Without proper drainage, grass and other plants may become too wet or too dry, resulting in a poor lawn and crops. Yard grading distributes water evenly, so you won’t end up with pools of water or areas that are too dry.

Consequences Without Yard Grading in Indianapolis

Without yard grading, depending on the climate, your lawn and crops could suffer in one of two ways. In wetter climates, if you don’t have proper runoff, your lawn and gardens may flood and leave a muddy mess. This may also result in your plants drowning. In dry climates, not having proper drainage and grading can mean your lawn and plants don’t receive the necessary water to thrive, resulting in dead grass and crops. Plants that get flooded often are susceptible to root rot due to the lack of oxygen they’ll receive.

If the surrounding land slants towards your home and your yard is not graded, your home is at risk for damage. Not only can water build up near the home cause the basement to flood, but the water that seeps into the foundation can cause mold and mildew build up, which are health hazards and expensive to fix.


Yard grading in Indianapolis is mainly for drainage purposes. This is done with digging tools and topsoil. Grading typically slants the yard away from the home and other buildings to help prevent structural damage. Water build up near buildings can weaken the structural integrity of the foundation, leading to cracks and chips. Those cracks can lead to mold and mildew build up, which no homeowner wants to deal with. Not having a properly graded yard can also mean damage and improper growth for plants and grass. Yard grading is simple and can be done yourself so long as you mark the appropriate utility lines and pipes, and know the proper grade you’ll need to ensure the safety of your home, plants, and lawn.


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