Integrity Outdoor Solutions – Landscaping & Tree Service | Indianapolis, Avon, Plainfield


We want you to look your best: your business, your community, your neighborhood or condominium. As such, the professionals at Integrity provide premium commercial landscaping services. It's common for us to go above and beyond to make sure every detail is perfect.

Furthermore, our account managers work with you to tailor your needs. For instance, we recognize that not every property is the same and the needs and wants vary from community to community. Additionally, we cater to your wants and needs.


Importantly, we employ specialists for each aspect of lawn maintenance service. Surprisingly, the Integrity Outdoor Solutions employee mowing your grass is a trained, certified professional. As such, he knows what is best for your lawn and, in addition, he will make sure nothing is taken for granted.


Likewise, what is true for our lawn care is true for our landscape maintenance. As such, our specialized teams will service your property the right way, with the skill and knowledge to maintain it as a showpiece:

Tree Care: Specifically, a certified arborist directs our tree care division, passing down knowledge and direction to help maintain trees on your property.

Pruning and Trimming: It’s not all about the lawn. For example, we carefully and skillfully prune and trim your shrubs and ornamental landscaping. Because of this, we preserve the plants and the appearance you desire.

Irrigation Systems: Specifically, we have a division dedicated to irrigation and sprinkler systems. As such, we can get you water where and when you need it.

Cleanup: Every visit, we fully maintain your property, including removal of trash or debris. Beyond this, we can handle large-scale site cleanup and preparation.

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