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7 Top Summer Landscaping Tips

7 Top Summer Landscaping Tips

Don’t let the hot weather deter you from managing your lawn and landscape.

There are several things you should do in the summer to maintain your landscape, as well as your garden if you have one.

Here are 7 top summer landscaping tips:

1. Gardening In The Summer

You’ll want to avoid planting cool weather crops in the summer.

The heat will cause the plants to put more energy into the leaves and seeds, which makes the edible parts of the plant bitter.

Stick with plants that love the heat, such as okra, sweet potatoes, and eggplant.

2. Watering The Lawn And Garden

One of the most common mistakes in the summer is not giving your lawn enough water.

Set sprinklers to water your lawn in the early morning, since watering during the day will defeat the purpose and could cause damage.

If you water your lawn at night, the water could sit and leave your lawn damp, opening it up to fungus and other pests.

3. Lawn Diseases

Summer brings a whole new list of problems that could happen to your lawn if you don’t regularly maintain it.

Keep an eye out for areas of the lawn that look dead or out of place.

You’ll want to treat diseases such as Pythium blight as soon as possible, or else you’ll be facing a dying lawn in no time.

4. Fertilizing

Just like there are varying types of grass, their needs also vary depending on what kind of grass it is.

Don’t forget to fertilize your lawn according to it’s time to help maintain good health throughout the summer.

5. Mowing In The Summer

It seems like as soon as you cut the grass, it grows back within a week.

To combat this, you may set your mower relatively low. That could be detrimental to your lawn, though.

Frequent, low mowing can leave your lawn susceptible to diseases and long-term damage.

Raise your mower slightly and leave a little more time between mowing.

6. Flowers and Plants

Colorful flowers and plants will be blooming, ready to add a touch of color to your landscape.

Lining your garden or driveway with brightly colored flowers will give your guests a scene to remember.

If you’re looking to add to your landscape foliage, consider drought-resistant plants. While these plants require less maintenance than normal plants, you can’t just plant them and forget about them. You’ll want to water them regularly until the plant starts to take hold.

Drought-resistant plants have better survivability during periods of no rainfall, so you won’t have to water as often, especially if there are water restrictions in place.

7. Prevent Mosquitos

One of the most common attractions for mosquitos is standing water.

Since mosquitos can transmit diseases, you don’t want them hanging around your yard. G

et rid of anything that leaves standing water, such as barrels, wheelbarrows, and other items.

If you have areas of your yard that don’t drain properly, you’ll want to contact a professional to assess and repair the lawn so it can drain.


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  • Don’t neglect your landscaping in the summer.
  • Grab some brightly colored flowers and plants to add to your yard.
  • Check out drought-resistant plants that require minimal maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying your yard and less time watering it.
  • One of the most important things to remember during the summer is to water your lawn.
    • Lack of watering can lead to dead grass, diseases, and pests.
  • Be sure to get rid of standing water to avoid mosquitos and keep an eye out for lawn diseases.